Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Number One Busiest

I know that you are all waiting on the edge of your seats to know what I'm doing on a Friday night...well I will tell you.  

I am sitting on my my PJs...watching a chick flick that I am certain that I won't like the ending to.  I know that it doesn't sound glamourous, but it is actually the best thing! Well...except for the chick flick with the bad ending that is.  

Life has been SUPER busy since school got back up and running! I'm constantly running from cabaret practice to spring sing practice to the apartment and then it's time for homework!  It just never ends! 

But I am still so blessed!  God proves that to me every single day.

I am so blessed to have the wonderful roommates that I have.  Like today, my sweet precious roommate Natalie made me a yummy omelet with some fresh fruit and tea because I was tired and broke after cabaret rehearsal!  Little things like that just show me how much God loves me!  

I hope that this weekend, God shows you how much you are loved:)


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