Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Let's Catch Up!

Hello Dear Readers!

It has been an embarrassing amount of time since I blogged last.  I really adore writing, but I haven't been making time for it.  You know those Netflix subscriptions are a procrastinators paradise :/ Especially when 5 seasons of Parks and Rec are available to stream...no one can resist the charms of Leslie Knope.

Anyway, I am BEYOND due for an update.

In the past year I was hired at Angels Foster Family Network here in Edmond.  I work with some pretty freaking fantastic people who not only helped me land this job, but also make coming to work an absolute joy.  And I get paid to help this non-profit help children.  So it's a pretty sweet gig.
Check us out at www.angelsfosterokc.com  :)

I was honored to participate in 2 fantastic musicals.

I was Lucy in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown with Giving Tree Theatre
Not only is this show a total blast, but the people were pretty great too.  Even though I still don't understand why people kept telling my I was type cast... ;) 

Then I had the pleasure of playing Violet Bick in It's A Wonderful Life: The Musical, directed by none other than my sweet cousins Bruce and Kim Greer!  It was such an honor to be approached by such talented people to do this show.  I also got to meet some awesome new friends Max and Kim whom I absolutely adore. 

Some stills from the show!

And I got to reunite with my lovely family!

Another HUGE highlight of 2014 was getting to return to Ghana, Africa and see all my friends at The Village of Hope.  Over the past few years, I have been extremely blessed to serve as the Social Media Administrator for the non-profit Heartbeat for Hope.  If you want to know more about how you can donate to H4H, visit the website www.hearbeatforhope.com  ! I got to spend a whirlwind of a week loving on my sweet babies at VOH and visiting/making new friends in the surrounding villages.  God is doing big things there and I love getting to be a part of it!

Here are some highlights!
Goofing off with the boys in front of Boateng House!

Mishel and Eric.  These smiles..I can't.
 Making faces with Jesse

 My best girl Abigail and our secret hand hold :)
 Emmanuel :)

And last but definitely not least, Ebenezer:)

I cannot wait to go back and see them!

Overall, I live an incredibly rich and full life that I certainly don't deserve.  I have friends and family who love me, roommates who make coming home at night so much fun, a job that allows me to serve and work with awesome people, and a passions that I am learning to hone and perfect in the hopes that someday they become a career.  Life as a 20 something can be so confusing sometimes and it's so easy to whine about the hard stuff and forget about what you have.  So I guess this blog post is more than just catching you up on my life.  It's a sort of "stop and smell the roses" moment for me.  And it was definitely overdue :)