Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Becoming Delightful

What do you put in the first post of a new blog?

That my friends, is the million dollar question.

It's like having a blank canvas. You want to start it off right, so that when you add to it, it slowly turns into the beautiful picture that you envisioned in your minds eye. I hope that is what I'm able to do with this blog.

So why this title? Why becoming delightful?

Great question;)

I chose this title, because in the bible it says that God delights in us, and that we should delight in him, and in one another.

I love this word. DELIGHT. It's so full of meaning and yet so delicate and simple. I know that God delights in me, but I don't always feel worthy of it. I want to become a woman that feels worthy of the delight God has in me. I want to become a woman who my friends and family can take delight in.

I feel like this trip to Switzerland that I just returned from marks the turning point in my life from girl to woman. I am so different than I was when I left! I am ready to embark on a new journey with Christ and I needed a fresh start to do it! I pray that this blog inspires the people who read it and it becomes a vessel that God can use to change lives. (especially mine!)

I will ask this of you today. Please pray that I continue to keep up with this blog and that God uses me for his kingdom!

May God bless you dear friends

Madison Victoria