Sunday, January 8, 2012



Did I make up that word? probably.  Is it the most accurate of how I feel. absolutely.

Today (January 7) would have been my Dad's 53 birthday.  That is such a weird thing to say.  "would have been."  It's almost been 6 years and I still expect him to come walking in that door! I'm glad it's that way though.  I fear the day that I am resigned to the fact he's not coming back and I pray that it never comes because I think it would just be too much to handle.  Maybe that makes me naive...but i'd rather call it...hopeful.  The hope is what keeps the sadness at bay.  HOWEVER, this was not meant to be a sappy, sad here I go! :)

As per Callaway tradition, the tradition of being awesome that is, we celebrated Daddy's birthday by having a Callaway cookout!  Burgers, brats...the works.  And to top it off, it was 55 degrees.  Yep, we do it real and we do it big:) We ate yummy food, watched Castle (our new favorite show) and just enjoyed spending time together.

This break more than any of my other college breaks has shown me just how fantastic my family really is.  I mean i've always known that I was super blessed in the fam department, but seeing how my family is growing (as in getting older) and seeing how we deal with what life throws at us makes me so proud to be a part of it.  Dad would be proud. God truly is the great creator.

Tomorrow (January 8th) is my BEAUTIFUL Mom's birthday!  I am so excited that we get to celebrate with her...even though we have to drive back to school before her birthday is over:/  She is such an inspiring, God fearing and gorgeous woman.  I hope that I can be half as incredible as she is when I am her age.

That's all for now! I'm off to watch one more episode of Castle and then call it a night:)


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