Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Delights of a Busy Blogger

Well everyone...I officially suck at maintaining a blog. I think it was probably August the last time I updated. I will seriously try to do better, but life is so dang busy!
I have to give a shout out to Meagan Branch for being able to keep up her blog while planning a wedding, being an awesome president of Gamma Rho AND being overall director of Spring Sing. She is crazy but I LOVE her!Last time I posted, I think I talked about Earn Your Wings and how wonderful it was...and if I didn't then I will now:)

It was so great!

Here is my AWESOME hub!

My wonderful friend Natalie. What would I do without her?

My Hub Partner Blake and I!

We had the best time! I loved getting to meet so many of the freshmen.

Now on to more recent things!


We had a little fake wedding in 116:)

 Now our apartment will be filled with wedding talk and bridal magazines:)

Also, I tried out for a musical!

Ever heard of Thoroughly Modern Millie?

Well, it's our homecoming musical this year at OC! I'm soooooo excited about it! I got called back for the part of Millie and I had a blast doing call backs for it! I ended up not getting the part, but I had the best audition i've ever had and that's all I can ask for. My characters name is Gloria and she is one of Millie's best friends. One of the best things about this musical, is that it is full of tap! I cannot wait to start learning choreography because I get to dance SO much!

God is just the greatest.