Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes!

Oh my goodness guys...i'm a JUNIOR! IN. COLLEGE.

Isn't it funny how every time we move up a grade or we get a year older, we are all so shocked by it!? I mean, it's the natural progression of things, and yet it feels so foreign.

CHANGE. that is a foreign word. It's a loved and hated word. On my end it's mostly hated. I've gone through some pretty rough and unwelcome changes in my life, so when it comes knocking I'm not the first one to let it in. In fact I'm usually looking desperately for something to barricade the door. I've noticed in these past two years of school that a lot of times, this hurts me more than it helps. Our lives are changing from the time we take our very first breath. and we have absolutely no control over it! That would be reason number two that I would rather resist change than give it an open invitation. I like to be in control...I know you are all shocked. Now just because I have identified these reasons does not mean that I'm going to invite change over for a cup of tea, but it does make me more aware of who is in control. GOD. That's it. He is in control of my life, and let's be honest, is there any better Captain than our Lord?

God has shown me amazing things this summer. He took me halfway across the world to meet some wonderful people that will influence my life forever. And some of them live not 3 hours from me! I believe in a God who can do anything. I believe in a God who speaks to me through whatever means necessary to get my attention. Like, let's say...a fortune cookie.

Yes, my God speaks to me through chinese take-out dessert. Just a few weeks after I got home from Switzerland, my family ordered Pei-Wei and this is what my fortune cookie said:

"Sometimes traveling to a new place leads to great transformation."


and if that wasn't enough, my 2 lucky numbers were the first listed in the line of lucky numbers...they also happen to be my birthday. 3/13.

How's that for a sign?

My God is a god of wonder and awe and power and love and jealousy and humor and majesty and limitless possibilities. And I am so excited about what he will do in my life this year.

That being said, let me tell you about some things that he is already doing for my family and for me!:)

1. my brother got a raise.
2. my mommy got a job
3. my dogs got clean bills of health

Now those are great things!

As for me, God saw fit to allow me two AMAZING jobs for this school year! I will be a College Intern at Memorial Road Church of Christ AND I will be working for student life as a Freshman Link! I am so so SO excited for this opportunity. I am already praying for all of my girls in my hall of the freshman dorm and I can't wait to meet them! I am also actively praying for the campus ministry at Mem. Road. Jeff McMillion is a fabulous campus minister and I am so blessed to be working with him and with the other 4 interns!

I am so excited about this year, but I'm also a little sad about leaving my family. I know they will miss me, and I them, but we will all be reunited quicker then we think!

Please be praying for this school year and for all of the students going back to school! I have a great feeling about it!:)

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  1. I loved reading this post, Madison! I know exactly what you mean about change- not once have I welcomed it with open arms. This year is already turning into one of the scariest and most challenging years of my life, and it's good to be reminded of who's in control. Not me! :) I'm praying for you as you start your Junior year and I hope it will be absolutely fabulous! I love you so much and I am so proud to be a part of your family!